Why I haven`t blogged for a while ….

Over the last few months I have not been blogging much, as you might have noticed.  There are two main reasons for this: one is that I have just been too busy with life to have any time to work on a blog, and the other is that when I did have time to write I had to spend that time working on articles, and books.  Without going too much in to my family`s business there has been a lot going on this year:  Death, near death, illness, and surgery.  It has been quite a hard year, but this is not a blog for moaning about things like that.  All you need to know is that what has been going on has taken up almost all of my time and energy.   Added to this is the fact that I had the second half of my first year of university to get out of the way, and it meant I didn`t have a whole lot of time left over to write.  But the time I did have I ended up spending working on books, and article.  This means that I have somehow managed to get a deal to have a new book on autism published, finished off writing my horror novel, and had quite a lot of articles on autism published.

But I enjoy blogging, and I want to get back to posting something at least once a week if I can.  So this is just a small post to say that I will try and get back to blogging soon, and to ask if there is anything you want to see me talk about on here?  It can be a general autism issue, or something about my life or ASK-PERGERS itself.


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