Employable me

(Note: I have yet to watch this weeks episode)

For the last two weeks I have been watching Employable Me – me and seemingly everyone I follow on Twitter.  I just wanted to write a quick blog to discuss some of my thoughts on the show. When I first sat down to watch it I have to admit it was with a certain amount of trepidation. Whenever I watch anything that deals with autism I always have that mix of feelings; hoping it’s going to be good, but ready to cringe if it’s not.  But I am happy to say that so far Employable Me has not made me cringe at all.

We already know as autistic people, or as the families of autistic people, just how hard it can be for someone with autism to find work. Not everyone of course, and some people have no issue getting a job.  But for most autistic people it is hard.   A lot of that hardship comes not from their autism, but from the attitudes of employers.  It’s good to see that the show deals with this.  The main point for me, and one the show seems very keen to make, is that autism will not stop you working, but pre-conceived ideas about autistic people might.  Now that being said, I know for some people their autism might stop them from being able to work, but what I mean is that not everyone who is autistic will be unable to do so.

People by and large, whether they are autistic or not, want to work. They want to feel as if they can take care of themselves, and their families, and that they do not have to rely on the state to take care of them – that they are not at the mercy of changes to benefits. Getting a job can have all kinds of advantages for anyone, but for autistic people it can also provide routine, and a sense of independence. Not only that, but it’s clear to anyone who knows anything about autism that at times it can benefit an employer to have autistic people working for them. I have written a lot in the past about the positive traits that can come with autism. Such as an eye for detail, dedication and creative thinking.  And it’s good to see that the show highlights these instead of just trying to make us feel sorry for autistic people.

Overall I am enjoying the show, and I can see why it is going down so well among autistic people. It highlights a very real and important issue that a lot of autistic people face.  An issue that lots of autistic people have been trying to draw attention to for years now.  Putting it out there in the public eye must be a good thing. Another thing that I enjoy about the show is that is manages to portray how funny things can be without feeling like it is making fun of autistic people.  It is funny in parts because that’s just how life is. But despite that is does not feel as if it is set up to make light of people, and their autism. I plan to keep watching it, and see how it goes on.  Hopefully it will continue to be good.  Let me know what you think of Employable Me down below.  Do you enjoy the show?  Tell me what you like or dislike about it.

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2 thoughts on “Employable me

  1. Excellent post and it is time that society started to see the capabilities of people with autism etc rather than just the condition. If that makes sense

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