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Writing aims for 2018.

Last year was a bad year for me writing-wise. I put up at least two blogs where I talked about what a strange year it was, and how little I had got done so I wont go over that too much here. I just want to write a bit about what my aims for 2018 are, and why it matters for me to get back in to my writing.

First of all blog-wise I want to put out at least one blog per week. I am already on track with that with this blog, and the one I have already posted this year. Of course keeping that up for a full year is a bigger task, but that’s why I want to write blogs in advance, and plan out when I am going to be putting them up instead of just writing them when ideas come in to my mind. It’s also why I am open to ideas relating to what you might want to see me write about on here this year. If you have any ideas feel free to comment below, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter. Last year I did write a bit on why blogging was important to me, how it helps me get my ideas out there without having to worry about them meeting somebody else’s standards. And I do feel that is one of the great things about blogs; autistic people can put our ideas and advice out there for each other (and non- autistic people wishing to learn more) to read and learn from. Sometimes if I am having a hard day just coming a across a blog that puts in to words something I have been dealing with can be a huge help, and I know from comments left on my blogs that my writing can also have that effect. I enjoy putting up blogs, and I also like the fact that at times what I write can help other people.

When it comes to books that’s a bit more open. I know I would like to write at least one book relating to autism in some way in 2018, but I am not quite sure what that will be. There is a lot around that subject that interests me so it’s a case of working out what I feel able to talk about and what I want to talk about first, and getting something together. That being said I would also like to do more work on my non-autism related books this year – as some of you know I do write horror/crime books, and I would like to make sure I put the time in to edit the draft of the work I have already done, and write the first draft for another book.

That’s really it when it comes to writing goals for the year, but the main point underlying it all is I want to get back to enjoying writing, and thinking of myself as a writer. Being a writer should be the easiest thing in the world – all you have to do after all is sit down and type. I am not talking about getting to the stage of being a published author or even being a good writer to the point where other would enjoy your work, I am just talking about being a writer. If you write regularly and finish your projects (it does not count if you leave everything half way through!) then you’re a writer. Odd then that there are such a lot of people out there saying they wish they could be writers. Perhaps what they mean is they wish they could be published because as I say to be a writer all you have to do is decide to write, and get on with it. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of that though, easy to drift off and leave weeks between spells of writing, to fall in to that trap of waiting for the right moment to write, and that’s when you stop thinking of yourself as a writer and start thinking of yourself as someone who would love to be able to write. I feel like 2017 was like that for me; I did not write anywhere near enough to call myself a writer last year, and I want 2018 to be different.

I do not normally care much for New Year’s resolutions, but there is something to be said for looking back on the past year and seeing if it was well spent. If not then when you turn to look at the next twelve months stretching ahead you have to think to yourself “How can I make sure when I am looking back on 2018 I am going to feel it was worth while?”

For me a year full of writing would be a huge step in the right direction in terms of what I want to go on to achieve in my life, and as I say when you bring it down to its most simple form nothing should be more easy to stick to than doing more writing.

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